Braided Corona Star Braided Corona Star (Design by Maria Sinayskaya)


I folded this braided star this weekend by following Sara Adams’ instructional video on her site. This is a pretty easy to fold design and you can fold it with almost any kind of paper available. Contrasting colors will make it look great and I chose a maroon and rose colored combination of Tant paper for my rendition.

Paper to Use:

You can use any kind of paper you have, contrasting colors are preferred. I have used 7.5 inch square sheets of Tant paper to fold this model and I used 8 sheets in all – 4 sheets of the Maroon color and 4 sheets of the rose colored paper. The braided star is quick to fold and one can easily interlock the various units, too.


How to fold Maria Sinayskaya’s Braided Corona Star:

Sara Adams has recorded a very good instructional video on folding this pretty model. The directions are clear and she gives a clear perspective of the finished model vs. the size of the paper used. In her video, she has used 8 sheets of 3 in square Kami papers and the finished model is approx. 4 in in size.


Buddha (Design by Dang Viet Tan)

by Ancella on December 30, 2013

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Buddha Buddha (Design by Dang Viet Tan)


This is my second attempt at folding this amazing model – as a gift to one of my good friends here in Chicago, this year. My initial attempt was made using tant paper and you can see the outcome of the folding here. However, this time, I thought I would fold the model using Metallic Tissue Foil paper which I purchased on Nicolas Terry’s Pack Tissue-foil Papers – 20 sheets – 30x30cm (11.8″x11.8″)“.

Folding Buddha with this Metallic Foil paper is much better and the overall look and feel post completion is very good, too. I like the texture of the paper and in the right kind of lighting, this model looks really very pretty.

Paper to Use:
You can give this model a try with paper which is easily shaped. I personally found Tissue Foil much better than Tant paper. Regular kami will not give you the desired look and feel once you are done with the folding. Make sure you have few pins or paper clips handy to keep the lotus formation in shape. I found paperclips to be most helpful in this.

You need two sheets of paper – for the model folded by me above, I used two square sheets, each measuring 30 cms. I chose a Gold color for Buddha and a bronze color for the lotus in which he is seated in.

Gift set Origami Deluxe: Book + 130 sheets

Folding this Model:
The diagrams for this model are available in Vietnam Origami Group’s first published Origami book. It is available for purchase at Nicolas Terry’s Origami-Shop as a gift pack (which includes papers) at the time of writing this post – Gift set Origami Deluxe: Book + 130 sheets. The book is also available in ebook format at the shop and is available for download as soon as payment is processed.

It took me around 2.5 hours to fold this model and a little more to shape it properly. This is a terrific design to fold and I am very happy with the way it has come out after completing it.

For those of you who are not aware, Vietnam Origami Group (VOG) has published a second book via Nicolas Terry – #7 VOG 2 This has great collection of designs to fold, too.


Jumping Poison Arrow Frog (Design by Michael G. LaFosse) Jumping Poison Arrow Frog (Design by Michael G. LaFosse)

This is a design I had folded over this weekend. It’s a simple design and since it’s very quick to fold.

This is one of those Interactive origami models which, when you apply pressure at the back of the frog, it leaps forward. It’s a fun model to fold for beginners.

There is absolutely no shaping or wet folding required for this design, since you are going to end up playing with this model, anyway.

Paper to use:
I used regular Kami paper for my folding and I took about 6 minutes to fold one frog.

How to fold these frogs:
Diagrams for this model were sent to members by Origami-USA by mail this month. As soon as they make it available online, I shall link to it here.


Valentine (Design by Robert J. Lang)

February 10, 2013 Instructional Videos

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Florucha (Design by Isa Klien)

February 2, 2013 Instructional Videos

I folded a simple design today after a long break from folding. I have been side tracked with work and a lot of other things going on which kept me quite busy. This particular design has been quite popular on Facebook, especially, with both the designer and other folders creating lovely patterns and incorporating fancy […]

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