Origami Turtle (Design by Robert J. Lang)

Turtle (Design by Robert J. Lang)

Turtle (Design by Robert J. Lang)

The well-known Origamist – Robert J. Lang, has designed this Origami Turtle model; it can be categorized as intermediate in terms of level of complexity. The crease pattern / steps for this model is detailed out in the book – Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art
– by Robert J. Lang.

What you need:
You would need a sheet of Origami paper measuring 7” or 8 1/4”. In this image, I have used Origami Paper Animal Prints 8 1/4″ 49 SheetsHow to fold this model:
YouTube.com once again is the source for an instructional video for Lang’s Turtle. Mari Michaelis has taken the pains to record and share a very helpful and detailed video on folding the Turtle.

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  1. Ancella Post author

    Hehe, yeah it does look puffy, you are right. Will blame it on the fact that it was one of my early folds 😉

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