Origami Shamrock (Four Leaf Clover)

Shamrock (Four Leaf Clover)
Shamrock (Four Leaf Clover)

A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you!!

Slightly late for this post, I agree, but juggling work, cooking and other chores kept me from an ‘early bird’ post today.

This origami design of a Shamrock is by Gerwin Strum and is inspired by Jassu’s Maple Leaf design. The model is an intermediate one… but easy to follow. The overall result is pretty neat and looks good.

What you need:
You need an 8” or larger square sheet of green origami paper. You can also use an A4 sized paper cut into a square.

How to fold this model:
Well, I found this model of an origami shamrock online and it is really easy to follow. I took around 15 minutes to fold it in all. I used an A4 sized green colored paper (colored on both sides) which I cut down to a square. You can find the instructions in the form of a PDF file here – How to fold an Origami Shamrock (Four Leaf Clover). I hope you find it really helpful and easy to follow.

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