Origami Spirals! (Designs by Tomoko Fuse & Jeff Beynon)

Origami Spiral (Design by Jeff Beynon)
Origami Spiral (Design by Jeff Beynon)
Origami Spirals (Designs by Tomoko Fuse)
Origami Spirals (Designs by Tomoko Fuse)

I decided to experiment with spirals this week and chose 2 designs to fold. One of these were simple spirals folded out of strips of paper and the other was the well known ‘Spring into action’ origami which I folded from an A4 sized printer paper (re-sized).

Origami Spirals (Tomoko Fuse’s)

As you can see from the image accompanying this post, I used duo colored construction paper which were actually remnants from earlier origami projects! 🙂 I started out by thinking I would experiment with the folds first and then go on to fold longer spirals. But then, these started coming out decently well on my first try itself… so I decided to make multiple spirals from the same remnant paper bits. 😀

The paper I used here measures 9 inches by 3 inches. You can variate the size of the paper for this particular design as long as you keep it rectangular at a 1:3 (breadth: length) ratio, in my opinion.

‘Spring into action’ origami (Jeff Beynon’s):

For this, I used an A4 sized paper (11 inches by 8.5 inches), of which, I trimmed the breadth to 5.875 inches (length remaining the same). I did struggle a lot to divide this ‘now re-sized’ sheet into 12 parts horizontally and then into 6 parts vertically. Once I got this part done properly, it became a real hassle to twist the folds to form this spiral. I daresay, it will be sometime before I attempt to fold this particular design again! 😛

How to fold this model:
Barbabellatje has uploaded a very good video on YouTube depicting the steps in folding the ‘Spiring into action’ Origami spiral.

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  1. I think the book – Spirals Vol 1 & 2 by Tomo Fuse – is now out of print. I couldn’t find any of the popular sites which sold it online. For this ‘Spring into Action’ origami, I followed the instructional video itself.

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