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Origami Pegasus

Origami Pegasus (Design by J. Anibal Voyer)

by Ancella on October 26, 2009

in Dinosaurs & Dragons

Origami Pegasus (Design by J. Anibal Voyer)

Origami Pegasus (Design by J. Anibal Voyer)

This is my first attempt at one of J. Anibal Voyer’s models and I was really worried that it would end up looking like a lump of paper in the end. 😀

I found this one really complex to fold and I would recommend this model to people who have considerable experience in folding. Most of the folds are really tricky and it takes a bit of time to get around to completing it.

Paper to use:
For this particular model, I used tissue foil paper which I had prepared recently. So my Pegasus ends up being red in color 😉 You can also try using mulberry paper or other such kind.

I folded this model from a square sheet of paper measuring approx 10 inches in size. I used tissue paper on both sides of the foil for this. It is advisable to start from a decently large sized sheet of paper to avoid running into trouble with the intricate folds.

How to Fold:

I found a detailed diagram for Voyer’s Pegasus through the Origami Database. However, certain steps are quite complicated in that, so I started to hunt for instructional videos on YouTube.com; I was lucky enough to find a good instructional video series. 🙂

YouTube.com Instructional Videos: Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IV; Part V

If you end up like me…irritated and ready to crumple your half finished model into a paper ball, when you reach step 53 in the diagram, stop! Take a deep breath….and take a look at this other video which details out that ‘oh! so irritating’ step 53.

I hope you find this instructional video series clear to follow. You can use it as a guide to the diagram which is available.

Have a good week ahead!

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Manshu October 26, 2009 at 7:31 PM

One of the best works you have done so far! It looks fantastic. I like the neck the best. The way the mane is shaped is simply awesome!

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