Simple Sonobe / Icosahedral Sonobe (Design by Paolo Bascetta)


Hello Everyone!

I am back after a long hiatus… it feels good to get down to some folding after such a long time 🙂 It was a 2 month roller coaster of my wedding, partying and holidaying, all rolled into one good vacation!!! 😀

I tried my hands at a simple sonobe to get into the groove of folding again. A modular origami design, this time, after quite a long time, too. I normally find modular origami repetitive by nature due to the number of units required. But this time, I am thinking of using modular origami pieces in decorating our new home, and hence my interest in it.

Paper I used:
For this particular model, I used 30 sheets measuring 3 inches in size of Miyabi Chiyogami origami paper which I picked up from Michael’s nearby. You can also use the regular post it notes for this model.

How to fold this model:
I followed the instructions by Nekkoart who has taken a lot of effort in explaining the steps in folding this model in the form of a YouTube Instructional video.

I am not aware of the name of this particular model nor its designer. So if any of you are aware of these details, please feel free to drop in a comment with the information!

Have a great week ahead!

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