Bear (Design by John Montroll)

Bear (Design by John Montroll)
Bear (Design by John Montroll)

This is a design I picked up from the book – License to Fold by Nicholas Terry. It is relatively easy to fold and does not require any wet folding or shaping.

I used a 15 cm square sheet of origami paper which is single side colored. I had purchased this pack (AITOH brand) from my nearby Michaels store, recently.

It took me around an hour to fold this model and thats mostly because I had to redo the ‘neck’ part of the bear as I wasn’t all that happy with it.

In addition to finding this model in Nicholas Terry’s book, you will also be able to find an Instructional Video on YouTube on Joan Montroll’s Origami Bear. The link above is to Part I of the series, you will be able to check out the other 4 parts pretty easily from there. This is a 5 part series and each of the videos are very short in length. It has been recorded with the permission of John Montroll (as per what the Video says).

I hope you find it easy to fold!

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