Swan – ‘Cisne’ (Design by Manuel Sirgo)

Swan (Design by Manuel Sirgo)
Swan (Design by Manuel Sirgo)

This is a pretty model, the diagram to which I found on the Internet (freely available). It is designed and diagrammed by Manuel Sirgo in 2003. It requires a bit of shaping in order to give it the ‘feathery’ look.

I used a single side colored foil paper of Aitoh brand which I was lucky enough to find at Michaels (Atlanta area). This was the first time I bought foil paper from Aitoh and I suppose I read somewhere that the quality of their origami paper is pretty good. These papers are imported from Japan and the company specializes in Asian art materials, children’s craft kits and other Japanese paper products.

It comes in paper sizes of 15 cm or 6 inches in size but I found it pretty alright to make a small little swan as a test fold. You would need to start folding with the color side facing upwards (i.e. towards you) in order to get the body of the swan white in color and the beak of a different color.

Diagram of the Swan:

You can find the diagram to this pretty swan on the Internet and it is freely available. This is the link to it – Manuel Sirgo’s Swan diagram

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