Spiral Star (Design by Tomoko Fuse)

Spiral Star (Design by Tomoko Fuse)
Spiral Star (Design by Tomoko Fuse)
Spiral Star (Design by Tomoko Fuse)
Spiral Star (Design by Tomoko Fuse)

This is a design from Tomoko Fuse’s book – Shells and Spirals 3 – which is available in Japanese language. The technique used in this model is same as that of Tomoko Fuse’s Spiral design and is pretty easy to fold, too.

What you need:

3 square sheets of origami paper, wrapping paper or any other paper of your choice. It does not matter what kind of paper you use to fold this model, because the folds are pretty simple and repetitive. However, it would be beneficial not to use card paper or very thick paper for this as it would become difficult to fold the repetitive folds towards the end.

You would also need a paper cutter or a craft scissor for this model. Don’t worry, there is no ‘cutting’ involved during the folding process. However, each of the sheets you have selected to fold this model, requires that they be cut into half diagonally. 🙂

How to fold this model:

I have recorded an instructional video on this model and am hoping that you will find it easy to follow. 5 pre-creased units are required to fold this model; and it requires that the placement of the units are done carefully when starting to fold them together to form the star.

Have a good week ahead!

7 thoughts on “Spiral Star (Design by Tomoko Fuse)”

  1. I have been sitting here trying to assemble the pieces into the pentagon shape as well. No matter how many ways I try to assemble them at angles to one another, I still cannot do it! Your video was wonderful at explaining how to create each piece, but I need the steps on how to combine them. Could you please post the photos or send them to me? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

  2. I also dont understand the process of folding the 5 parts together – do you go in in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The video says to next fold the one under the first one.

  3. this video skips the part where u put them together, we need a better video or at least some diagrams to show us

  4. I am to! I don’t understand after when you put the thingies in the pentagon shape!!!! I wish you could have explained instead of skipping over! (sorry, its really frustrating for me)

  5. Hello Gabe, to assemble the pieces, you would need to place them at an angle to each other, within the creases you have already made. I have sent you a couple of pictures (to the yahoo email add you provided with this comment) to help you understand this better and how to proceed with the folding thereafter. Do check your email, and let me know if you have further difficulty.

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