‘The Last Waltz’ (Design by Neal Elias)

The Last Waltz (Design by Neal Elias)

'The Last Waltz' (Design by Neal Elias)

'The Last Waltz (Design by Neal Elias)

'The Last Waltz' (Design by Neal Elias)

This is my first fold of Neal Elias’ ‘The Last Waltz’; folded out of duo colored kraft paper. It is definitely for the advanced folder and requires that your creases are precise and crisp in order to have the model aligned properly towards the end.

It took me around 6 hours to fold this model (with a break in between, no doubt) and I followed Sara Adams’ helpful instructional video to fold this model. I have kept the legs of the ‘man’ in the model straight in my version of it, but one can give the legs a slight bend to mimic the dance step and add aesthetics to the model.

Paper to use:
In my case, I bought bottle green duo colored kraft paper from Michaels last week and thought of trying it out on this model. The paper size should be in the ratio of 1:3 and I have taken a sheet of kraft paper measuring 12 inches x 36 inches in size. The final model in my case turned out to be approx. 8 inches in size. I wanted a larger model to keep on my table, and hence the larger sized paper.

How to fold this model:
Sara Adams’ has recorded a pretty detailed instructional video on this particular model and you can refer to it, too. She suggests a paper size of 6 inches x 18 inches which makes the final model being approx. 4 inches in size.

For more of Neal Elias’ work, you can refer to this website which is an online tribute to him.

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  2. Ancella Post author

    Thank you, Sara! 🙂 Your video was a great help! Will try duo colored paper for my next fold of this model.

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