Wild Boar / Jabali (Design by Román Díaz)

Wild Boar (Design by Roman Diaz)

Wild Boar (Design by Roman Diaz)

This is the second model I have chosen to fold from Roman Diaz’s Origami Essence. This is my first fold from Tant paper. I like the overall ‘feel’ the model has due to the inherent texture of this paper. I have actually gone ahead and ordered a larger pack of this type of paper as I really liked it.

Paper used:
I have used a 6 inch square sheet of Tant paper, in this case. You can also give it a try with traditional Kami or kraft paper, too. In the book, it has been suggested that a paper size of 22 cm be used for this model. Also, the finished model will end up being 0.33 the size of the paper size you started out with. This is designated as a Level 3 model in the scale of complexity in this book with Level 5 being the most complex. Ideally, the paper used should be colored white on one side in order to give the ‘tusks’ of the boar a color change (white). However, I did not have this paper available, so I have a uniform colored model.

How to fold this model:
There is no instructional video available for this model, as I write this post. However, the instructions are available in the book #3 Origami Essence. There are 57 steps involved in folding this model, and this includes the touch up for shaping.

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