The Smart Waterbomb (Design by Philip Chapman-Bell)

Smart Waterbomb (Design by Philip Chapman-Bell)
Smart Waterbomb (Design by Philip Chapman-Bell)

I find the models on the blog – The Fitful Flog – really intriguing and pretty. Most of the models are based on tessellations and can be folded with common printer paper or construction / kraft paper. The ideas in this blog are ingenious and the blogger even provides links to PDF downloads of diagrams to most of the models presented on the site.

I have never tried folding any design from here coz I am not good at CPs at all and unfortunately, almost all of the diagrams on the site are CPs with some being accompanied by worded instructions which always get me confused.

However, this time, I found this particular model which is pretty easy to construct but a tad tricky to fold. Oschene as the blogger is known has even gone to the extent of recording an instructional video on this model and posting it on his site. I hope you find it easy to follow.

Instructions to folding the Smart Waterbomb:

All you need is a circular piece of paper. My advice would be to start off with a fairly large circle measuring 8 to 10 inches in diameter. You can use common printer paper or even wrapping paper for this model. However, it should not be flimsy or thin as the model will not “stay” very well. This is the instructional video from the post by Philip Chapman-Bell.

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