Chef Rat and Spoon (Design by Nguyen Hung Cuong)

Chef Rat and Spoon

Chef Rat and Spoon

This is a design inspired by the animated film Ratatouille, I suppose. 🙂 This model has been designed and diagrammed by Nguyen Hung Cuong in 2008. The diagrams for this model is available in OUSA Convention book 2008 whereas the CP for this model is available on Origami Artists.

This is my first fold using the CP and following the instructions in OUSA 2008. I started out with the CP and then used the diagrams as a guide to complete the folding process. I know this is a round about method, but I was too lazy to do either one alone.

Paper to use:
I used a square sheet of copy paper measuring approx 7 inches in size. The finished model came out to be not more than 4.5 inches so I think a larger sized paper would yield better results.

How to fold the model:
Diagrams to this model are available in OUSA 2008 convention book whereas the CP is available for download on
Nguyen Hung Cuong’s Page on Origami Artists. The instructions for the spoon are only available in OUSA 2008 convention book.

Mariano Zavala also has a detailed tutorial on folding this model. It is a multi-part video series, so please take a look at this YouTube channel.

I like the way the model is designed with color change for the chef hat and the facial features. But since I used copy paper, I couldn’t show the color change in this fold of mine. This is definitely a model to fold again with a better choice of paper.

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  1. Ancella Post author

    Hi Angad,

    Thanks for stopping by. This was my first attempt, though, and didn’t come out as nicely as I would have liked it to. Definitely on the “to fold in future” list. 😉

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