Swallow (Design by Sipho Mabona)

Swallow (Design by Sipho Mabona)

Swallow (Design by Sipho Mabona)

This is a design by Sipho Mabona who is well known for his ‘inflatable’ Fugu. The CP for this model (with the belly closed) is available on his website for people to refer to and fold. However, since I am absolutely pathetic at CPs, I gave a go at the Photo diagram, which Grizzlyman uploaded on the Origami Forum. I find diagrams easier to understand.

This photo diagram based model, however, is an earlier / old version of Sipho Mabona’s Swallow – in the sense that it has its belly ‘open’. The look of it, otherwise, it is pretty much the same as compared to his newer model. There are no known diagrams or publications of his work and these crease patterns (which he publishes on his site) remain the only way he shares his work. Grizzlyman attended an Origami Convention in Germany in 2009, in which Sipho Mabona taught this model and with practice, he was able to replicate the design.

Paper to use:
You can opt to use any kind of paper, which will fold easily and not tear – Kraft, Kami, Tant or even Tissue foil. The size of the paper should ideally not be less than 6 inches and if it is your first fold, begin with a square sheet of paper measuring 8 inches. Any of these papers will ‘hold’ the folds and the shape and it is up to you to figure out your favorite paper for this model. The paper chosen should be duo colored at best, since there is no color change involved in this model.

How to fold the Swallow:
Grizzlyman has created and uploaded a 50-photo (step) photo diagram meant to explain the steps in folding Sipho Mabona’s Swallow. It is very helpful and he has also provided captions for each of the images in order to better explain the step(s).

CP for Sipho Mabona’s closed belly version of the Swallow

For the swallow I folded, I made use of Kami paper measuring 8 inches in size (square). I didn’t refer to the CP but instead made use of grizzlyman’s detailed photo diagram. I wet-folded the model to give it a bit of shape, but as you probably know, Kami is not very good for wet-folding or shaping.

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