2-Piece Origami Star (Traditional)

2 - piece Stars (Traditional)

2 - piece Stars (Traditional)

It is that time of the year once again where preparations start off for planning and installing the Holiday Tree at the American Museum of Natural History (New York). The theme for this year’s Holday Tree is Discovery.

All members of the OrigamiUSA club/group were sent letters late September informing them of the Annual Gift tradition at the tree lighting ceremony of this Holiday Tree at the Natural history Museum. For this event, each of the attendees will be gifted a boxed origami as part of the event. The ‘gift’ is decided by the OrigamiUSA team who have chosen the 2-piece traditional origami star as this year’s piece.

Traditional Stars 003

2-Piece Star (Traditional)

Instructions as well as sample paper and guidelines on folding this model were provided in the letter itself. These stars are really pretty and I, myself have not come across this model, before.

As part of my member contribution, I planned on folding 25 stars and sending it across to OrigamiUSA. I started on my project on Friday (1st Oct) and completed all 25, today, Sunday the 3rd of October. These stars are pretty easy to fold and each of them requires 2 sheets of paper measuring 3 inches (square). The paper can be both duo-colored or single side colored. The sheets I used are single side colored and have a variety of designs / patterns.

How to fold these stars:
I have recorded an instructional video on the folding process. I hope you find it easy to follow.

6 thoughts on “2-Piece Origami Star (Traditional)

  1. Jennifer

    Thank you so much! Very easy to follow. I made a lovely sunshine with orange and yellow paper 🙂

  2. Wayne

    Hi Ancella,
    I wanted to thank you for the 2-piece origami star demonstration. Earlier this summer, I was preparing for a missions trip to Uganda. As part of my preparation, I coordinate arts & crafts project for children and teenagers. It’s rather easy to find fun arts & crafts projects for children, but it can be challenging to find something to do with older kids (especially something economical and easy to pack and travel with). The 2-piece origami star was a complete hit! I don’t normally do origami, but the idea came to me and I Googled a few things and came across your site. So, just wanted to thank you for making my time with the Ugandan teenagers fun and exciting! 🙂

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