Sea Turtle (Design by Michael G. LaFosse)

by Ancella on October 11, 2010

in Sea Creatures

Sea Turtle (Design by Michael G. LaFosse)

Sea Turtle (Design by Michael G. LaFosse)

Michael LaFosse is known for designing models which have a lot of expression and ‘life’ in them. His book – Advanced Origami: An Artist’s Guide to Performances in Paper – is a collection of such models with detailed diagrams allowing amateur origamists to spend hours folding his work.

A lot of it, as he mentions in his book, too – depends on one’s choice of paper. But as you would know, he makes his own paper unlike the majority of us who have to opt for kami, tissue foil or elephant hide and tant when these are available. 🙂

This model of an Origami Sea Turtle is taken from his book and I have used traditional Kami paper to fold this origami model, as this happens to be my first fold.

There is a lot of improvement which can be done, as the final result depends on the shaping / modeling of it.

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