Wizard (Design by Hojyo Takashi)

Wizard (Design by Hojyo Takashi)

Wizard (Design by Hojyo Takashi)

Happy Halloween, everyone!

This Halloween, we went to the performance – Moulin Rouge® – The Ballet. This was the first time I attended a ballet performance and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a 2 hour extravaganza choreographed by Jorden Morris and it truly wowed the audience. The costumes, stage set up and story were truly amazing.

I did find time to fold something specially for the dark and eerie theme this weekend. I attempted Hojyo Takashi’s Wizard from the Origami Tanteidan Magazine 109. I must say the model is complex with a 142 steps in all. It showcases color changing in the design and looks truly great when completed.

Wizard (Design by Hojyo Takashi)

Wizard (Design by Hojyo Takashi)

I am pretty happy with my rendition of Hojyo Takashi’s Wizard. When starting off I thought it would end up as a ball of crumpled paper in the waste bin. Since one would require a rather large sized sheet of paper to fold this model from, I used a 35 x 35 cm Kami (because this is the only sheet I had which was single side colored and large). I had purchased the Pack Discovery – 30 squares from Origami-Shop sometime ago and this large sheet of origami paper was a part of that pack.

I am still happy with the outcome even though the model is not wet folded at all. I found that this is one model for which the bonefolder would come in real handy. There are bits of paper which require to be squashed and folded, which made it difficult to do so by hand. Since I don’t have one as yet, I had to make do with other instruments / items which served the purpose at best.

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  3. Ancella Post author

    Thank you, Jessica! 🙂 This is my first fold of it and it took me more than 3 hours to fold it.

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