Dominanta Star (Design by Ekaterina Lukasheva)

Dominanta Star (Design by Ekaterina Lukasheva)

Dominanta Star (Design by Ekaterina Lukasheva)

I found this interesting design of a star last week and thought it would be great to fold these to deck my home for Christmas.

I am planning on origami ornaments in combination with other general Christmas tree ornaments and decorations for this year and finding these pretty stars certainly made my day.

Paper to use:
I used foil paper to fold these stars and each of the stars are folded from 6 sheets. I got the foil paper from Michaels which sells various Origami paper packs these days. This particular pack has only foil paper of various colors. Each of the units takes a couple of minutes to fold and assembling is done without the use of any adhesive or glue.

How to fold these stars:
Ekaterina Lukasheva has shared diagrams on folding this star on her site. One can fold this star in 2 main variations – changing the number of units (5 to 8, 30 and 90 units) and varying the placement of the units while assembling and creating a sink on the outer surface.

There is also an instructional video on this model by the creator 1petiteSorciere explaining how to fold each of the units and assemble them into the stars.

These stars can make pretty decorations for the Christmas season and I plan to make a few of them to decorate my wall.

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