Google Gingerbread Android

Gingerbread Android

Gingerbread Android

With all the excitement and contests surrounding the release of Google’s Nexus S, I suddenly had this brainwave of joining in on the fun by folding Gerwin Sturm’s origami design of the Android in the color scheme of the Android Gingerbread.

This model makes use of the box-pleating technique and looks very nice when completed.

Google Android (Design by Gerwin Sturm)

Google Android (Design by Gerwin Sturm)

Paper to use:
I folded a green Android out of Kami paper as a test fold and found this quite alright to shape and crease. The Gingerbread Android I folded with cookie colored Tant paper in order to make it look more realistic. For the eyes, mouth and the designs on the arms and legs of the gingerbread man, I used pieces of felt cloth which I glued to the finished model. For the green Android, I simply used a felt tipped marker to mark the eyes. Also, I shaped it a lot more as compared to the green Android – I rounded the ‘face’ and decorated with body with the customary bowtie and buttons. The white design / icing decoration you see on the arms and legs of the gingerbread boy, I have cut out from white paper and stuck onto the model upon completion.

For the Green Android, I used a 15cm sheet of single side colored (Android Green) Kami paper whereas, for the Gingerbread Android, I used a 35cm square sheet of duo colored Tant paper. The size of the finished models are: Android Green – approx 3 inches and the Gingerbread Android – 6 inches approx.

How to fold the Android:
Gerwin Sturm has generously shared the PDF diagrams to this design. This design is higher intermediate by nature, as it has an Elias Stretch, Open sink as well as a lot of pre-creasing to do. The collapsing activity post the pre-creasing is somewhat tricky and it requires a bit of patience. But if you carefully follow the folds – mountain and valley – you should be alright.

3 thoughts on “Google Gingerbread Android

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  2. Ancella Post author

    Hi Hilary,
    I’m sorry, I do not have the permission to record an instructional video for this model. I have created a step-by-step guide on collapsing the model, however and have sent it to your mail account. Do let me know how you get on with it.

  3. Hilary

    Is there any way you could post a video of this one? I cant seem to collapse it right in step 8, this is my second attempt and I’ve been at it for hours already…. I really want to make this for my boyfriend because he works for a cell phone company and absolutely loves android. Please please!!! help!

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