Stellated Icosahedron (Design by Paolo Bascetta)

Bascetta Star (Design by Paolo Bascetta)
Bascetta Star (Design by Paolo Bascetta)

I have just put up my artificial Christmas Tree at home and being my Hubby’s and my first Christmas after our wedding, I wanted it to be extra special.

I have used a combination of the usual Christmas ornaments along with a few origami ornaments as part of the tree decorations.

For the tree topper, I decided to fold Paolo Bascetta’s Stellated Icosahedron out of silver foil wrapping paper. I purchased this specialty wrapper from the local CVS store last week and cut out 30 squares measuring 8 inches in size.

This paper is single side colored, which means that I would have the silver color and print only on the tips of the star (as shown in the accompanying image). If you would like the center portion of the star to be of the same color, then you should select duo colored paper (same pattern / color on both sides).

How to fold Paolo Bascetta’s Star:
Jonakashima has recorded a pretty good instructional video on folding this model – with the permission of the creator, of course. You can check it out here

Assembling the Star:
This model does not require the use of glue and the point to note in assembling it is to always maintain the ‘circle’ of 5 i.e. each of the ‘facets’ of the star should have 5 points / arms.

In order to place it as a tree topper, I used only 29 units to fold the model. I kept a bit of it open to allow the top most leafy / twig of the tree to be easily inserted into the globe. This way, the Star would be propped up and I’d have a few of the tree lights in it, too. 🙂

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