Origami Baby (Design by Robert J. Lang)

Origami Baby (Design by Robert J. Lang)

Origami Baby (Design by Robert J. Lang)

This is a design by Robert J. Lang from his book – Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art – which was released last year. It is an intermediate model and not all that difficult to fold. It is advisable to fold this model from a slightly larger sheet of paper as your first try , before settling down for a small sheet.

In order to get the color changes for the ‘pamper’ of the baby, you should select a duo colored paper, colored a different shade on either side. Since I did not have such a sheet, I chose a single side colored paper.

Origami Baby (Design by Robert J.Lang)

Origami Baby

Paper to use:
You can use kami, Tissue foil or any paper of your choice. Choose a thin paper as there are a lot of folds involved in the middle of the model – for the body of the baby. There are approximately 40 steps or so in the folding sequence.

How to fold the Origami Baby:
The diagrams for this model are available in Robert Lang’s Origami Design Secrets which you can purchase from Amazon.com or from Nicolas Terry’s Origami-Shop.com.

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