A Refold: Eifel Star (Design by Hans-Werner Guth)

Eifel Star 1 (Design by Hans-Werner Guth)

My first attempt of this model was during the Christmas season in 2010, where I had folded a festive Eifel Star design for my Christmas tree. The paper I had chosen then was a thin variety of Christmas themed wrapping paper and was very unstable.

Eifel Star 2 (Design by Hans-Werner Guth)

The desginer of this model – Hans-Werner Guth – kindly left a comment about the ‘inner lock’ which he thought I’d missed out on and a great video clip to help me understand the interlocking procedure. I must say that he was right about the missed step in my assembly sequence.

I refolded this model since then and these are pics of the completed and properly interlocked model. It is stable and can be placed upright too.

I used common origami paper – Kami measuring approx 6 inches in size, single side colored and square to fold this model. The overall width of the model depends on the size of the paper you start off with. This Eifel Star required 12 sheets of varying colors or in a 6 + 6 combination of 2 colors. I have used the 6 + 6 combination of sea green / blue and dark pink to fold this model.

To help you understand the assembly sequence, take a look at this awesome vide which is recorded by Sara Adams:

3 thoughts on “A Refold: Eifel Star (Design by Hans-Werner Guth)

  1. Danielle

    Thanks so much for posting that video! I really wasn’t sure about assembly, but that was very clear, even if it wasn’t even in English.

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