Buho / Owl (Design by Román Díaz)

Buho / Owl (Design by Román Díaz)
Buho / Owl (Design by Román Díaz)

I was in the mood of folding something with color changes involved and since I had the brown and yellow duo-colored paper (Kami) still available in the pack, I decided to go back to the books and pick out a design from there.

Román Díaz’s Owl is really pretty to look at once completed and is not all that complicated to fold, either. In his book – #3 Origami Essence – he mentions that a paper size of 30 cms is required and the model should be wet folded. I for one did not wet fold my rendition simply because I chose to fold mine with Kami paper instead of the suggested tant.

Paper to use:
I think you should be able to fold this model with paper slightly less than 30 cms, too. But for the effect, it should be duo colored / white on one side. You can also use unryu and tant paper combination for this model and then wet fold it at the end. Its a level 3 model as per his book – on the order of complexity.

Buho / Owl (Design by Román Díaz)

This model is 3D by nature, so towards the end of the folding sequence, it will not lie flat on the surface. There are crimps, rabbit ears and shaping involved in the folding process. It is a great design to fold, as with all of Román Díaz’s designs.

The diagrams to this model are only available in Román Díaz’s book #3 Origami Essence and it is well worth buying especially if you enjoy folding animals. There are models which are simple to fold within the book as well as complex, so pretty much, it has something for everyone.

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  1. Hi Udayan,

    The diagrams to this Owl design are in the book – #3 Origami Essence by Roman Diaz. These are not available online as far as I am aware as the artist has not shared this for free. There may be permission provided for an instructional video by Roman Diaz. So, you could try YouTube for an Instructional video.

  2. Respected Sir,

    I will be highly obliged if you please send me the diagram to my above email.

    Yours sincerely,
    Udayan Dutta

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