Chakra / Wheel (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Chakra/Wheel (Design by Ancella Simoes)
Chakra/Wheel (Design by Ancella Simoes)

I wanted to perfect my variation of Mette Pederson’s modular ring and so last afternoon, during my lunch break I came up a totally different folding sequence from my attempt earlier. This makes the units a lot easier to assemble and they don’t slip out easily unlike the variation yesterday.

I have used Kami paper in my attempt again. The paper measures 3 inches in size and is the same size as a regular post-it note. I daresay, I finished a quarter of my stack of post-it notes today while experimenting with this design; and on hindsight, having a readily available stack of Post-It notes on my desk at work is not a very good idea at all.

I have named the model ‘Chakra’ – actually my better half came up with the name, to tell you honestly. It is a Hindi word meaning ‘wheel’. It reminded him of a wheel – because of the protruding edges all around – and so I’ve named my first origami design!

Chakra/Wheel (Side View)
Chakra/Wheel (Side View)

I am really happy with the design and folding sequence I came up with. I couldn’t find a similar design anywhere on the Net and so I have taken the liberty of calling it my own. If you do know of any, please let me know and I will be happy to change the details of the post accordingly.

The model is actually slightly 3D – as you can see from the side view image. There is an in-between fold which holds the top and bottom flat apart thereby making it 3D. The rear view is the same as the front view of the model and the units are interlocked firmly.

Since I have used 3 inch sized square sheets of paper, the overall size of the model measures 3.5 inches in diameter. A larger sized Chakra (wheel) would warrant the use of larger sized sheets of paper – maybe 5 7/8 (15 cms) or slightly more depending on your choice. You can use Kami, kraft paper, wrapping paper or any other kind of paper which is able to ‘hold’ a crease in place.

The diagrams to this design are in OrigamiUSA convention book 2012. Additionally, EzOrigami has created a fantastic instructional video on the folding sequence. So, I encourage you to give it a try and fold.

I hope you like the design and am looking forward to comments and suggestions from you all.

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