Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Top View
Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Top View

This is another design which I came up with a few days ago – it consists of 16 units which are interlocked to form a floral pattern – very much like a Dahlia. This design is pretty simple to fold and has around 14 steps to complete a single unit (counting the base folds as well as pre-creases separately).

Each of these units start off from a water-bomb base and I have used 3 inch sized Kami or common origami paper for this design – single side colored to fold each of the units. These are the size of your standard Post-It notes which you get in the stationery stores. The paper itself, I have purchased from Michaels which is a craft store here in USA.

Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Side View
Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Side View

The size of the completed units measure approx 1.5 inches in height and three quarters of an inch across. When interlocked, the completed model measures approximately 4 inches across (diameter).

I have kept a little flap sticking out at the back / rear side of the model simply because I wanted to not have it flat on the surface, but instead have it slightly raised from the bottom. I thought this would make it look a lot more flower-like.

Do let me know what you think of this new design of mine.

About the name:
If you have been following the ICC World Cup (cricket), you would know that India won the much anticipated semi-final clash with Pakistan and will now face Sri Lanka in the Finals for the Cup. It was held at Mohali in the Northern Indian state of Punjab. To mark this event, I have named this latest design of mine “Mohalia” 🙂

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  1. Do you have your diagrams for sale anywhere? I love the Mohalia; think it would make a great ornament for the Christmas tree.

  2. Hello Linda,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. Yes, It is simple design I have come up with, but I, nonetheless, like the outcome. I’m glad you like it, too!

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