Tripoli (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Tripoli (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Tripoli (Design by Ancella Simoes)

I came up with this design spending a lazy afternoon at home this weekend. It’s been really hot and incredibly sunny these days, so it’s quite impossible to go out during the daytime.

Coming back to this new deign of mine, this is a 6 unit model resembling a ring. I have folded this model using regular origami paper or Kami paper measuring 3 inches in size, square shaped. Post-Its are also a good option for folding these models. These sheets of paper I used were single side colored. I started folding with the colored side down to get the patterns on the top side of the finished units.

Tripoli (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Tripoli (Design by Ancella Simoes)

In the picture above, you can see my test model (yellow/orange colored paper) as well as the ‘properly folded’ model (pink/purple cherry blossom paper) of my design. The design is based on a waterbomb base and contains an open sink in the folding sequence. Other than this sink, the rest of the folds are all regular mountain and valley folds which are pretty easy.

The other picture in this post shows the side view of the design – the sinks which are flattened to form a design. Each of the units are interlocked and the ‘sun rays’ like projections in the center firm keep the units in place. These projections are only on one side of the model; the rear of the model does not have these – see the yellow colored model in the image above.

I have named this new design of mine ‘Tripoli’ in honor of the new found freedom of the Libyan people.

I hope you like this new design of mine!

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  2. Ancella Post author

    Ah..the paper, you too have it? Nice! I purchased this pack of paper from Michael’s here. This is the only pattern I came across at the store in the 3 inch sized packs. Glad you like the design! Thank you 🙂

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