Square Squared (Design by Ilan Garibi)

Square Squared (Design by Ilan Garibi)

Square Squared (Design by Ilan Garibi)

This is a simple, easy to fold design by Ilan Garibi which was published a few days ago in Issue 6 of Origami-USA’s The Fold. It requires just 8 square sheets of paper, of any color of your choice. It incorporates a simple interlocking technique which holds the units in place.

You can vary the colors of paper you choose to make a striking color combination such as that used by the designer. I used shaded single side colored sheets of kami paper which measured approx 8 inches in size. I used a red and white combination and a blue and green shaded combination to give the model the colorful mix. You can also attempt folding this design with wrapping paper.

This design is pretty simple to fold and assemble and there are a couple of variations you can try, too, one of which is suggested by the designer himself in his set of diagrams.

How to fold this design:
Please visit Origami-USA’s The Fold for instructions to this model – Ilan Garibi has generously shared the diagrams with everyone in Issue 6 of this online magazine. You will also find Ilan Garibi’s diagrams to another star shaped geometric design on Origami-USA which is also easy to fold and has a few suggestions for variations.

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