Pre-Columbian Style Origami Frog (Design by Leyla Torres)

by Ancella on November 5, 2011

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Pre-Columbian Style Origami Frog (Design by Leyla Torres)

I came across a new blog post by another origamist today, which I think is quite ingenious! It is easy to fold and whats more, the designer, Leyla Torres (of Origami Spirit), has taken the trouble of actually recording an instructional video on folding it, too!

Paper to use:
You can use Kami, tissue foil or any paper of your choice for this model. The folds are simple and if you follow the instructional video, you will be able to fold this frog quite easily.

I have used duo-colored (or rather, printed) Kami paper measuring approximately 8 inches in size. You can also use single-side colored paper to fold this model.

How to fold this pre-columbian style frog:
Leyla Torres, the designer has generously shared an instructional video on the folding sequence. You can find it below, too:

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Leyla Torres November 5, 2011 at 4:38 PM

Hi Ancella,
The frog you folded looks great. I love your choice of paper! Thank you for featuring it in your blog.

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