Star Helena (Design by Carmen Sprung)

Star Helena (Design by Carmen Sprung)
Star Helena (Design by Carmen Sprung)

Sara Adams posted a new instructional video and I just couldn’t wait to get started on folding it. I really like the way the star comes together with the color changing variation and the fact that this model requires only one sheet of paper to fold.

Paper to Use:
You can fold this model with Kami, tant, tissue foil or even nice wrapping paper. However, you should keep in mind that if you are going to use this as a CD or DVD cover, the paper would have to be thicker than a fine tissue paper.

I used yellow colored Tant paper and pasted a thin sheet of red tissue paper on one side in order to have a color changing design. The paper was quite alright to fold and I didn’t face any problems with the thickness.

When making an octagon, one has to be precise and as Sara reiterated in her instructional video, you have to make crisp, sharp folds and precisely, too, in order to have a perfectly folded model. If you see my finished model in the picture, you will see that some folds are slightly off, and this is because my octagon was not cut accurately.

How to Fold this Design:

The diagrams to this model can be found in Carmen Sprung’s book – 21 Origami Sterne – which you can purchase from OrigamiUSA’s The Source. Also, Sara Adams has taken the effort to record a very good instructional video on folding this design.

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