Buddha (Design by Dang Viet Tan)

Buddha (Design by Dang Viet Tan)
Buddha (Design by Dang Viet Tan)

I have been rather lazy in folding these past few months and I always think that I will improve with the coming weekend and get back into the groove. Well there have been many weekends which have gone by and by now, you would know how many models I have actually folded. 😉

Last weekend, however, I picked up the #5 VOG: 50 hours of Origami + and started looking for something to fold – and Dang Viet Tan’s Buddha caught my eye. Looking at it, you would think it would be a ~100 odd step design with numerous complex folds – but this one is different. It takes 2 sheets of paper and the folding sequence is quick and not at all complicated.

Paper to use:
I used 2 sheets of square shaped, duo-colored Tant paper, each measuring 30 cms in size. I chose these 2 colors – yellow and maroon – as I wanted to match the colors / shades of the attire the Buddhist Monks wear. Using tant paper did not give me any problems while folding this model, given the paper’s thickness. I have also seen this model folded with tissue foil paper, so if you are comfortable with using that, you can do so.

Folding Dang Viet Tan’s Buddha:
The folding instructions consists of 2 sequences – 1 each for the Lotus and the Buddha. The instructions are available in #5 VOG: 50 hours of Origami + and you can buy it from Nicolas Terry’s Origami-Shop.com.

This is a very interesting design to fold and I am pretty happy with the result.

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