La Roue de la Fortune (Design by Ancella Simoes)

by Ancella on November 7, 2015

in Modular & Geometric

La Roue de la Fortune

La Roue de la Fortune (Design by Ancella Simoes)

This is a new model, the design for which I came up with quite by accident, a few weekends ago. It is quite simple to fold and in order to get the alternating color effect, I used sheets of paper which are single side colored (the other side is white). In all, I used 10 sheets of Kami paper, measuring 3 inches each, to fold this model.

I do like the finished model, especially towards the center where the interlocking of the sheets is more prominent. I would think a bolder look to it, such as using black and white or strong contrasting colored sheets would give it a much richer look.

At the time of folding this design, I wanted to experiment with pastel shades and the progression from lighter to darker hues in certain color families – hence this light colored, pleasant, easy-going look and feel to the model.

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