Butterfly – June Sakamoto (Design by Michael G. LaFosse)

by Ancella on June 26, 2017

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Butterfly - June Sakamoto (Design by Michael G. LaFosse)

Butterfly - June Sakamoto (Design by Michael G. LaFosse)

This is yet another model I folded this weekend. It is from the book – Origami Butterflies – which has a lot of different types of butterfly variants; the best part about this book is that there is a section devoted to designing your own butterflies based on the elements / proportions of various folds. The overall folding sequence remains about the same though, irrespective of the little changes you might make. With the right kind of paper, whether duo-colored or single-side colored, one can come up with a multitude of combinations which will make for a very pretty wall decoration or gift.

Paper to use:
I used a 6 inch square sheet of single-side colored kami paper to fold this model. You can also use your own kind of paper, provided it is not too thick as the center or body of the butterfly will become too thick to fold.

How to fold this model:
The diagrams to this model are in the book – Origami Butterflies or you can follow this very detailed video I found on youtube where the presenter has shown the details in folding this butterfly very nicely.

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