Najma (Design by Ancella Simoes)

by Ancella on June 26, 2017

in Modular & Geometric

Najma (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Najma (Design by Ancella Simoes)

It’s back to folding for me after another hiatus and this time I started off with a design of my own. The model is slightly 3D which I quite like and is folded out of 8 sheets of paper.

For this particular design, I wanted to use duo-colored paper since I wanted both tones to show up on the front of the design. Each of the units is quite easy to fold and I think the only ‘complicated’ fold in this whole sequence is the division into 3 parts in the beginning of the sequence.I used traditional Kami paper measuring 3 inches in size which are white in color on one side (single-side colored).

This is my first rendition of this design and I am planning on refolding it with a better color combination, soon so as to bring out the color-blocking / dual tones strongly.

The geometric star shape you see in the center came about quite by accident. I noticed this design appearing once I started putting this model together. Hence the name ‘Najma’ which roughly translates into ‘Star’ in Arabic.

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