Charlotte’s Star (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Charlotte’s Star (Design by Ancella Simoes)

The first time I had come up with the folding sequence for this dodecagram, a couple of months ago, I had used regular 3 inch post it notes to fold it. However, when I submitted the diagrams for publishing, there were assembly problems with the basic model. I suspect it had to do with the glue backed post it notes I used which inadvertently held the model together. So, I tweaked the assembly sequence a bit to incorporate a little fold and the effect was a similar nice star like design but this time, with a circular center. I was quite pleased with the outcome and thankful that I didn’t have to change the entire folding sequence.

This is a 12 pointed star or a dodecagram, using 12 separate units to form. I used duo patterned paper for this design, instead of the usual post it notes, and the color change really pops with this model. 12 square sheets of paper are needed and the paper you use can be almost any kind of paper and preferably duo colored, to make use of the color change in this design. One idea is to use pretty patterned wrapping paper if you do not find patterned duo colored origami paper near you. Since the folds are simple and not layered, it will still fold well.

The paper I have used to fold this model is from a Japanese Washi Paper pack, which has floral patterned square sheets measuring 4 inches in size. I named this design “Charlotte’s Star” as I am currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina and wanted to remember my time spent here.

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