8 Pointed Shuriken (Design by Ancella Simoes)

8 Pointed Shuriken (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Shurikens literally are “hand released blades” and historically there have been two types of shurikens – the bo shuriken which are thin narrow blades and the hira shuriken which are plates having anywhere between 2 to 8 spikes radiating out of the center.

This wheel blade design of mine has 8 pointed spikes – a happo shuriken. I folded it using 4 inch square sheets of paper which are duo colored. This has given it a nice color combination within the folds.

The assembly is quick and easy – each unit has to be placed within the outer flaps of the next unit and so on. There is no need for glue to hold this model together, unless you prefer to hang it, then glue would make it more sturdy.

The idea behind this design is Paolo Bascetta’s ring which, I find, has a brilliant, easy assembly and I wanted to replicate this process albeit with differently folded units.

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