Pom Pom Bear

Pom Pom Bear

With the pandemic still raging and a toddler to take care of at home, I’ve been trying to get into more crafting and origami during the late evenings and night (which is my ‘me time’).

I found this book – Pom Pom Animals by Trikotri – and I liked it almost immediately. It has 45 different tutorials to make your own animals such as a Brown bear, hedgehogs, polar bear, red fox, rabbits, owl and more. All of these are incredibly cute and her instructions are easy to follow. All you need is a pom pom maker and wool of the desired color – and you are set!

The first tutorial in the book is a brown bear. This was my first attempt, and according to the book, this is one of the basic models. There is only one color of wool required and a bit of black felting / roving wool to make the nose and nose-mouth markings.

I decided to make a Winnie the Pooh bear using the book’s instructions as a guideline. The book tells you exactly how many rolls of wool is required on the pom pom maker and the color to use. It even indicates the points where one has to knot the twine to hold the pom pom strands together! For a newbie like me, this was perfect! I have never felted wool before but the instructions and details on forming the nose and the mouth markings are very clear and I found these easy to follow. I made my Winnie the Pooh bear a brooch using a brooch back pin.

The overall size of the finished bear is 3.5 inches across, 3 inches in length and 2.5 in height. It fits exactly in the palm of your hands. I used the required 65 mm pom pom maker as described in the book and purchased the set of pom pom makers from Michaels.

I enjoyed this DIY pom pom craft and I see myself doing a few more of these. I think these would make a fabulous addition to my daughter’s nursery decor, too.



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