About Me

I’m Ancella Simoes and I update the Origamiancy blog on a regular basis to share various origami designs, instructional and other origami videos that I have either recorded or stumbled upon the Internet. This adventure with Origami started in January 2008 as an excuse to get out of the boredom associated with being in a new place (I had just shifted then). However, I was soon captivated by its spell and continued long after I got settled down properly. I started out with the basics and soon starting folding the intermediate to slightly complex models (till date). I started this website in October 2008, after much persuasion, with a view to sharing ideas and helping others with the art of origami.

This blog is aimed at those who have an avid interest in the art of Origami, who enjoy sharing tips and ideas on the subject and are interested in other people’s folds and techniques. Not all of the posts contain instructional videos (either recorded by myself or other contributors) but nevertheless each of the posts will include subtle details as to the:

  1. Creator / origami design artist
  2. The book / source for the diagrams
  3. Color images of the folded model
  4. The folds I found really tricky / time consuming
  5. Helpful tips and ideas
  6. The type and size of paper I used and the size of the finished model

I have a large origami book collection, which I have accumulated over the last couple of years. My favorite book is – Origami design Secrets – by none other than Robert J. Lang, and that library is still growing.

Contacting me:
Your suggestions or opinions about this site are welcome. Please feel free to email me at ancella(dot)simoes(at)gmail(dot)com ** . I shall respond to you as soon as I can.

Updates on New posts / emails:
I usually write a post every weekend (or try to) and if you would like to get email updates to these posts, please feel free to subscribe to my RSS Feed. You will be asked for your email id and would need to verify the feed when you log into your email account the next time.

YouTube Channel:
I also have a YouTube.com channel which I invite you to subscribe to, if you would like – Origamiancy on YouTube. I upload vides I have recorded myself, as well as ‘gallery videos’ of the models I have folded, to this channel.

Flickr Photo album / Phtotostream:
I also have a Flickr Photostream, where I upload all of the images of the models I have folded till date. You can visit it here – Origamiancy’s Flickrstream

** I have written down my contact email id in a “worded” manner to avoid spammers from picking it up. Please replace “dot” with “.” and “at” with “@”.  Inconvenience caused is regretted.

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