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With great sadness the Origami world came to know of Eric Joisel’s passing away on October 10th, 2010. Monsieur Eric Joisel was known for his intricate depiction of figures from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, his dwarf, mermaid, the cute little rat which almost all of us have folded, and a variety of other […]


Swallow (Design by Sipho Mabona)

by Ancella on September 12, 2010

in Birds & Butterflies

This is a design by Sipho Mabona who is well known for his ‘inflatable’ Fugu. The CP for this model (with the belly closed) is available on his website for people to refer to and fold. However, since I am absolutely pathetic at CPs, I gave a go at the Photo diagram, which Grizzlyman uploaded […]

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This is a model from the book – Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art, by Robert J. Lang – which I had purchased recently. I found this model quite complicated where the feet of the bird are concerned but managed to fold that part out to near satisfaction. This model has 56 […]

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This is a pretty design I found in one of Tomoko Fuse’s books – Shells and Spirals 3. It is folded from a single piece of paper, single side colored and depicts a small butterfly siting atop a round leaf. The size of the paper is 15 cm or 6 inches, square shaped. I think […]


This is a pretty model, the diagram to which I found on the Internet (freely available). It is designed and diagrammed by Manuel Sirgo in 2003. It requires a bit of shaping in order to give it the ‘feathery’ look. I used a single side colored foil paper of Aitoh brand which I was lucky […]

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