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This is a design I came up with from scratch today and am pretty pleased with my first attempt at it. I didn’t expect to make a flower in the end, and was actually experimenting with interlocking units. These pretty flowers have a star shaped formation at the back (rear view) and are folded from […]

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Christmas Tree (Design by Vladimir Serov)

by Ancella on December 22, 2009

in Flora & insects

This is my first try at 3D origami and I must say, it really is time consuming 😛 The original design had about 4 layers of leaves out of which I managed to make 3 layers and then propped the top with a leafy tree topper just to complete the look! 😀 This is a […]


Sara Adams found this instructional video on YouTube this week and had a post regarding it on her site. Seeing that, I couldn’t resist trying it out myself, since I was amazed by the fact that this model can be ‘crumpled’ into a mushroom in approx 2 to 3 minutes flat! The result is absolutely […]


This is an intermediate model taken from Michael G LaFosse’s book – Advanced Origami: An Artist’s Guide to Performances in Paper, which incorates wet folding for the shaping of the petals and the use of tissue paper / crepe paper to enhance the look of the finished model. This is my first try with this […]


This model by Patricia Crawford is from the book – Origami Step by Step, by Robert Harbin. This is a very old edition and most of the designs in it have been improved upon since. However, there are a few designs, which are still captivating, and one of them is the full rigged ship for […]

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