Origami Mandala Hanabi (Design by Nani Suwarni)

Origami Mandala Hanabi (Design by Nani Suwarni)
Origami Mandala Hanabi (Design by Nani Suwarni)

I came across this design while browsing through the Internet trying to decide what to fold today. These Mandalas are very pretty and look great when folded with patterned paper. Once can also decorate the finished Mandala with an embellishment in the center like a bead or a crystal and use a cord to make a hanging out of it and they will look gorgeous!

I made this out of regular Kami paper and thought of using solid colors which are all different colored in order to give the finished model a contrasting look. These are quick to fold and usually consist of just 8 sheets of paper.

Paper to use:
The kind of paper you use here i.e. the pattern or design is what gives an added effect to the overall look. If you select double sided paper which is colored differently on either side, the model will look better given that you have the underside of the paper also visible in certain places. One can also use pretty patterned wrapping paper to fold this model. The minimum size of paper you should use is 3 inch square sheets, the finished model measures approx 3.5 inches in diameter once completed (using 3 inch sheets).

How to fold Mandala Hanabi:
The designer of this model – Nani Suwarni – shared the diagrams to this model on her Facebook page and that’s what I have followed in order to fold this pretty design. 8 sheets of square paper are required to fold this design and the diagrams are pretty clear. One does need to have a little folding experience prior to folding this design as there are a reverse folds involved in the folding sequence.

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Folding Paper - The Infinite Possibilities of Origami

Robert Lang has co-authored a new book with Meher McArthur – Folding Paper – The Infinite Possibilities of Origami, on the evolution of Origami from crafts to a fine art. There are no diagrams in this book though and this book is meant to showcase the evolution and styles in origami of various master folders from around the world. The images of their work Is stunning and this will make a good coffee table book or an entry into the library as part of your collection.

Sara Adams’ new Instructional Video on Carmen Sprung’s Star Helena is the latest in her series. It’s amazing to see how she can juggle a new born baby (who is so adorable!), work and Origami. Way to go, girl! 🙂
This star design of Carmen Sprung’s is folded from a single piece of paper – preferably duo-colored to take advantage of the color changing. You can use this as a DVD / CD cover or just simply as a decoration.

Maria Sinayskaya’s rendition of Carla Onishi de Godoy’s Parati Prata Star is a simple design (the diagrams are shared) allowing folders to take advantage of color changing feature to make a pretty geometric patterned model. This is a design which is simple and quick to fold and you can use just about any kind of paper.

David Martinez’s Scholz Star is another pretty beautiful design for which he has generously shared the photo diagrams to. He has been on a roll in designing lately and each of his designs betters his previous. His backlit tessellation designs are also popular spelling out intricacy and sophistication as always.

3 Sample Deluxe Washi RED + BROWN + BLACK

Nicolas Terry has also got some new colors in his awesome Washi paper collection. These are the 3 Sample Deluxe Washi RED + BROWN + BLACK which is currently available in his online origami shop. The paper is truly magnificent and the foil backed surface on one side makes it easier to shape the models when folding. You can buy this pack of 3 sheets or packs of certain colors, too. Currently only Brown, Red and Black are available at the time of writing this post.

Folded by Himanshu Agrawal and designed by Richard Wang, these Origami Geckos are pretty cute and might I add, easy to fold, too. Himanshu has done a lovely job of using contrasting colors, shaping and photographing the models, which are of course, folded by him. If you look though the comments on this Flickr photo, you will see the link to the instructional video for these geckos. Have fun folding them!

Finally, this is one picture I simply had to share with you all. Folded by EyalR who is known for his complex folding and perfect renditions of complex work, these Grim Reapers are simply out of this world! He has used 2 kinds of paper to achieve the black cloak and white face combination and has shaped this model really well.

Grim Reapers

Am back!

Taj Mahal - Agra, India
Taj Mahal - Agra, India

My hubby and I had gone on a vacation to India for a month – almost the entire month of February. We had a fabulous time, met up with family and friends, attended two family weddings and all-in-all was a very hectic but fun trip.

The highlight of our trip this time was a road trip we made to Agra to see the famous Taj Mahal in all its glory. Even though we had to wake up up really early to beat the traffic and the fact that we were practically on our toes the whole day, the time spent was every bit worth it. The monument is breath taking both from a distance and up close. Once can only imagine what it looked while when it was first built with all the precious stones and artistic finery.

Coming back to Origami, I managed to teach a few of my cousins and other family members a few origami traditional models. Most of them were fast learners with the exception of my hubby who always got every alternate fold wrong 🙂

Since I am now back in Atlanta, I will be folding regularly and posting stuff on this blog. I am eagerly waiting to fold something from the new VOG book I received just before I left for India – so my next post is definitely going to be a model from that book.

Hope you all are having a great weekend out there, too!

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This is a post round up news and releases in the Origami world – well things that caught my eye, anyway, and which I found interesting. 🙂

Calendar 2012 - La Justa de las Gárgolas

Calendar 2012 – La Justa de las Gárgolas: This is one great Origami themed calendar which is available in Nicolas Terry’s shop, and what’s more, is that it’s a free e-book which is available for download! This calendar is made with the colaboration of the various artists who participated in the recently held competition by Eric Madrigal in honor of Monsieur Eric Joisel. The images in the calendar is from this online competition / Joust and is in color. The designs are truly awesome with works from various Origami artists showcased for each month of the year. This is a great calendar to have for all you Origami Enthusiasts.


Oribana Calendars : These are designed by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov and are easy to make and very simple in concept. They double up as pencil & pen holders for your desk in addition to being a desk calendar.


Convention: 29th CDO 2011: Garibi Ilan has done a good write up on the CDO convention held this year. Special at this convention was a Origami themed fashion show with all ‘garments’ made out of paper! There was a well stocked Origami shop at the convention, too with all the latest origami books and papers. Another great display at the convention was Paul Hassenforder’s ceiling to floor tessellations – truly amazing!


Addendum Revista

Addendum Revista “4 Esquinas N°7” : Christmas Special: This is a Christmas Special e-book of the popular 4 Esquinas magazine. It contains diagrams and color images of the finished model of David Martinez’s Double Star or Estrella Doble. This is a fabulous design for the Christmas Season and uses a hexagon shaped paper to create the star.

Also included in this magazine is a mention of the new Competition / Joust hosted by Eric Madrigal. This time – for the year 2012 – it will be held in honor of Tomoko Fuse – for her immense contribution to the Origami World. You can visit Eric Madrigal’s Special blog post about this competition for more details. There are multiple categories in the competition and the rules, details and timelines are all included in this blog post.


Exquisite Modular Origami: Meenakshi Mukerji has come out with yet another book, based on modular designs. So if you are into modulars and a fan of her work, this is definitely a book you should get your hands on. Her designs have a distinct aesthetic look to it and the best part is that her folding sequence is quite easy to follow and simple.


Hoàng Tiến Quyết’s Santa Claus: This brilliant origami designer has drawn up the diagrams to his ingenious model – Santa Claus. He has shared photo diagrams of the folding sequence on the Vietnam Origami Group forum.


Oriland Magic Star: This is a new book by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov and is a book on action models. To be more precise, it is more of action star models. 🙂 It makes use of both strips of paper as well as square sheets of paper to fold these pretty stars. The authors say its intermediate level designs and can be folded by experienced folders.

Links: Fir trees, Christmas stars, VOG’s book release and more

Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

I have not been folding a lot lately and that is largely due to the fact that I was preparing for an exam and planning a weekend trip to Los Angeles. My hubby & I did end up in Los Angeles last weekend and we had a good time.

We visited Little Tokyo which is a historic district near downtown LA – it is a pretty Japanese themed place where one would be engulfed in Sushi bars, Japanese Kimono and gift shops and really good bakeries. We loved the place and it is one of the highlights of our trip. I managed to do a bit of shopping there and this haul consisted of Origami papers – Kami and Tant from one of the shops in Little Tokyo. I am quite pleased with my loot.

#5 VOG - 50 hours of Origami +

I got back home to find that a lot of things have been published / shared during the last few weeks from various Origamists.

One of the best updates I found was that the much anticipated book – #5 VOG – 50 hours of Origami + – was finally released by Nicolas Terry. You can now purchase it from his online Origami-Shop.com. This book is a collection of designs from members of the Vietnam Origami Group (hence the abbreviation VOG) and has designs ranging from intermediate to complex. It is the first time that such a collection book has been compiled and Nicolas Terry mentions that the effort took approx 3 years by the entire team involved.

Christmas Fir Tree: Sara Adams has recorded yet another instructional video on a magnificent model, in time for the upcoming Holiday Season. It’s none other than Francesco Guarnieri’s Fir tree and this model can be easily folded if you carefully follow the instructions and have the patience. A lot of origamists have already started folding fir trees, preparing for Christmas. You require 5 sheets of Origami paper in all, of varying sizes.

Humprecht’s Star: Tine Blasek has folded some really pretty stars which will make an ideal decoration for the Holiday Season. She has also generously shared the instructions for them.

Sparkle Kusudama: Tadashimori who is well known for his instructional videos on youtube has designed a star themed Sparkle Kusudama for which he has also recorded an instructional video. This can make a very pretty tree topper or left as decoration by itself.

Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus: This is an very nice design and will make a very pretty hanging. This is a rendition of Our Lady of Aparecida who is the patron Saint of Brazil. However, this version has baby Jesus in Her arms and Leyla Torres (of OrigamiSpirit) has also shared instructions on folding baby Jesus as well as ideas on how to make the halo.

These are some of the articles and designs which I found really interesting these past couple of weeks and so I thought of sharing them with you. I am also waiting for my VOG book to reach me along with a handful of special papers I ordered.

Have a great weekend!