Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)(Design by John Montroll)

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Design by John Montroll)
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Design by John Montroll)

This is a Miniature T Rex I folded 2 days ago. I used a 6″ single-side colored origami paper in this case, though. Again, you need a ‘thin’ origami paper to fold this model due to the intricate multiple creases involved.

Another point worth noting in folding this model is that, it is best to use a paper which is colored on both sides.

The size of the folded dinosaur can be adjusted by using a larger or smaller sized paper. It must be square shaped though.

What I think though, is that if one can get an appropriately printed paper, such as a wrapping paper or even if you can get your hands on a specially printed origami paper, one can make a realistic looking T Rex. The ‘claws’ and the ‘snub nose’ which you see in this folded model are optional creases and can be done without. But, adding them, of course, gives a nice ‘look’ to the dinosaur.

This model is from the book – Animal Origami for the Enthusiast: Step-by-Step Instructions in Over 900 Diagrams/25 Original Models

One can also follow the instructions to fold this TRex, by following this video:

Fantasy Creatures – Dragon


I folded this out of a 6″ single-side colored Origami paper and have created a couple of extra folds on the wings to add to the ‘dragon look’. For this model, it is not important to have origami paper colored both sides. However, a larger sized paper would be more convenient and will look better too, is what I thought.

Also, another point to be noted here is to not use thick paper to fold this model. If you do so, the intricate folds at certain points will become really hard to fold and keep in place. One idea, which I have come across for folding models in Origami, is wrapping paper, which is more readily available than actual Origami paper. These come in all kinds of designs and colors, and should do perfectly fine, too.

To fold this Dragon, I have used Origami Paper Bright by Tuttle Publishing, which is a pack of 49 sheets of 6 different colors.

I have also prepared a step-by-step guide, to fold this dragon, and I hope you find it easy to follow.