Tripoli (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Tripoli (Design by Ancella Simoes)
Tripoli (Design by Ancella Simoes)

I came up with this design spending a lazy afternoon at home this weekend. It’s been really hot and incredibly sunny these days, so it’s quite impossible to go out during the daytime.

Coming back to this new deign of mine, this is a 6 unit model resembling a ring. I have folded this model using regular origami paper or Kami paper measuring 3 inches in size, square shaped. Post-Its are also a good option for folding these models. These sheets of paper I used were single side colored. I started folding with the colored side down to get the patterns on the top side of the finished units.

Tripoli (Design by Ancella Simoes)
Tripoli (Design by Ancella Simoes)

In the picture above, you can see my test model (yellow/orange colored paper) as well as the ‘properly folded’ model (pink/purple cherry blossom paper) of my design. The design is based on a waterbomb base and contains an open sink in the folding sequence. Other than this sink, the rest of the folds are all regular mountain and valley folds which are pretty easy.

The other picture in this post shows the side view of the design – the sinks which are flattened to form a design. Each of the units are interlocked and the ‘sun rays’ like projections in the center firm keep the units in place. These projections are only on one side of the model; the rear of the model does not have these – see the yellow colored model in the image above.

I have named this new design of mine ‘Tripoli’ in honor of the new found freedom of the Libyan people.

I hope you like this new design of mine!

Links: Origami Mohalia diagram, Eric Joisel’s tribute book, Dalas Dimitris’ Origami Creations and the Sakura Star Tessellation

Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Top View
Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Top View

I am really pleased that my first origami design – Mohalia – got published in an online magazine. I’m absolutely over the moon about it and I hope some of you would take time to fold my design. It is a simple design to fold and requires only 16 sheets of paper.

Reference fold #2

I have also been trying to think of what to fold next, with the half finished models still lying around the place and thinking of other origami projects which I am wanting to start off with. So I really haven’t got anywhere in terms of progress and I am hoping this weekend, I will get around to doing something.

Reference fold #2: My design – ‘Mohalia’ – is a floral origami pattern based on the dahlia flower and consists of 16 interlocked units. I had submitted this design to Joshua Goutam for his online Magazine – Reference fold #2 – a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to see it in the latest copy of his magazine.

I have got another of my diagrams submitted to OrigamiUSA, for which I am awaiting confirmation for publishing. I have only just started designing and diagramming, so it takes me a long time and there are many iterations with the portrayal of diagrams.

Eric Joisel

Eric Joisel Tribute book: This is a nice little tribute to Eric Joisel which came about due to the joint efforts of MFPP (French Origami Association – Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papiers) and Nicolas Terry of This book has lots of unpublished photographs of Eric Joisel, Diagrams to the Rat, Rooster, Aberdeen, baby dragon, Fish, Dwarf, Cat, 3D Penguin, Little demon and finally Nguyen Hung Cuong’s amazing Mask which he designed and folded as a tribute to the master himself.

I purchased this Tribute book recently and have folded the Rat from it. That was my second attempt of the same model but with Tant paper. The photographs in the book are really good and give an insight into the work and life of Monsieur Eric Joisel. There are a few color images of his art and the langage of the articles and write up is French. I think this is a good book to buy for those who would like to have something of Eric Joisel to remember him and his amazing work. This is even though most of the diagrams in the book are already available online.

My Origami Creations

Dalas Dimitris’ My Origami Creations: This is yet another book which has some amazing Origami designs. My favorite is the motorbike which looks very detailed and complex. You can also appreciate that the pegasus design is really great and the end result is majestic. I do not own a copy of this book and I have not attempted folding any if his designs so I am unable to tell you more about this designer and his work.

Sakura Star Tessellation: David Martinez who is known for his intricate tessellations which he almost always backlights, has come up with yet another ingenious tessellation design – the Sakura Star tessellation. What’s more is that he has generously shared the photo diagrams to this pretty design in his Flickr Album. I am yet to attempt folding this design, and when I do, I shall blog about it.

Fabian Correa’s Angel: This is a very delicate looking design which I think will make a good Christmas tree topper. It’s a pity we will have to wait till Christmas to use it though. It is fun to fold and not at all complicated. Further, you can vary the choice of paper you use for this design. You will be able to find the diagrams to it in the designer – Fabian Correa’s Flicker Album. Also, Cavemanboon has gone ahead and tweaked it a little to make it a lot more gracious and dainty – you can check that out here.

Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Top View
Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Top View

This is another design which I came up with a few days ago – it consists of 16 units which are interlocked to form a floral pattern – very much like a Dahlia. This design is pretty simple to fold and has around 14 steps to complete a single unit (counting the base folds as well as pre-creases separately).

Each of these units start off from a water-bomb base and I have used 3 inch sized Kami or common origami paper for this design – single side colored to fold each of the units. These are the size of your standard Post-It notes which you get in the stationery stores. The paper itself, I have purchased from Michaels which is a craft store here in USA.

Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Side View
Mohalia (Design by Ancella Simoes) - Side View

The size of the completed units measure approx 1.5 inches in height and three quarters of an inch across. When interlocked, the completed model measures approximately 4 inches across (diameter).

I have kept a little flap sticking out at the back / rear side of the model simply because I wanted to not have it flat on the surface, but instead have it slightly raised from the bottom. I thought this would make it look a lot more flower-like.

Do let me know what you think of this new design of mine.

About the name:
If you have been following the ICC World Cup (cricket), you would know that India won the much anticipated semi-final clash with Pakistan and will now face Sri Lanka in the Finals for the Cup. It was held at Mohali in the Northern Indian state of Punjab. To mark this event, I have named this latest design of mine “Mohalia” 🙂

Chakra / Wheel (Design by Ancella Simoes)

Chakra/Wheel (Design by Ancella Simoes)
Chakra/Wheel (Design by Ancella Simoes)

I wanted to perfect my variation of Mette Pederson’s modular ring and so last afternoon, during my lunch break I came up a totally different folding sequence from my attempt earlier. This makes the units a lot easier to assemble and they don’t slip out easily unlike the variation yesterday.

I have used Kami paper in my attempt again. The paper measures 3 inches in size and is the same size as a regular post-it note. I daresay, I finished a quarter of my stack of post-it notes today while experimenting with this design; and on hindsight, having a readily available stack of Post-It notes on my desk at work is not a very good idea at all.

I have named the model ‘Chakra’ – actually my better half came up with the name, to tell you honestly. It is a Hindi word meaning ‘wheel’. It reminded him of a wheel – because of the protruding edges all around – and so I’ve named my first origami design!

Chakra/Wheel (Side View)
Chakra/Wheel (Side View)

I am really happy with the design and folding sequence I came up with. I couldn’t find a similar design anywhere on the Net and so I have taken the liberty of calling it my own. If you do know of any, please let me know and I will be happy to change the details of the post accordingly.

The model is actually slightly 3D – as you can see from the side view image. There is an in-between fold which holds the top and bottom flat apart thereby making it 3D. The rear view is the same as the front view of the model and the units are interlocked firmly.

Since I have used 3 inch sized square sheets of paper, the overall size of the model measures 3.5 inches in diameter. A larger sized Chakra (wheel) would warrant the use of larger sized sheets of paper – maybe 5 7/8 (15 cms) or slightly more depending on your choice. You can use Kami, kraft paper, wrapping paper or any other kind of paper which is able to ‘hold’ a crease in place.

The diagrams to this design are in OrigamiUSA convention book 2012. Additionally, EzOrigami has created a fantastic instructional video on the folding sequence. So, I encourage you to give it a try and fold.

I hope you like the design and am looking forward to comments and suggestions from you all.