Star Helena (Design by Carmen Sprung)

Star Helena (Design by Carmen Sprung)
Star Helena (Design by Carmen Sprung)

Sara Adams posted a new instructional video and I just couldn’t wait to get started on folding it. I really like the way the star comes together with the color changing variation and the fact that this model requires only one sheet of paper to fold.

Paper to Use:
You can fold this model with Kami, tant, tissue foil or even nice wrapping paper. However, you should keep in mind that if you are going to use this as a CD or DVD cover, the paper would have to be thicker than a fine tissue paper.

I used yellow colored Tant paper and pasted a thin sheet of red tissue paper on one side in order to have a color changing design. The paper was quite alright to fold and I didn’t face any problems with the thickness.

When making an octagon, one has to be precise and as Sara reiterated in her instructional video, you have to make crisp, sharp folds and precisely, too, in order to have a perfectly folded model. If you see my finished model in the picture, you will see that some folds are slightly off, and this is because my octagon was not cut accurately.

How to Fold this Design:

The diagrams to this model can be found in Carmen Sprung’s book – 21 Origami Sterne – which you can purchase from OrigamiUSA’s The Source. Also, Sara Adams has taken the effort to record a very good instructional video on folding this design.

Links: New books, Instructions and diagrams, special folding paper and lots more

Folding Paper - The Infinite Possibilities of Origami

Robert Lang has co-authored a new book with Meher McArthur – Folding Paper – The Infinite Possibilities of Origami, on the evolution of Origami from crafts to a fine art. There are no diagrams in this book though and this book is meant to showcase the evolution and styles in origami of various master folders from around the world. The images of their work Is stunning and this will make a good coffee table book or an entry into the library as part of your collection.

Sara Adams’ new Instructional Video on Carmen Sprung’s Star Helena is the latest in her series. It’s amazing to see how she can juggle a new born baby (who is so adorable!), work and Origami. Way to go, girl! 🙂
This star design of Carmen Sprung’s is folded from a single piece of paper – preferably duo-colored to take advantage of the color changing. You can use this as a DVD / CD cover or just simply as a decoration.

Maria Sinayskaya’s rendition of Carla Onishi de Godoy’s Parati Prata Star is a simple design (the diagrams are shared) allowing folders to take advantage of color changing feature to make a pretty geometric patterned model. This is a design which is simple and quick to fold and you can use just about any kind of paper.

David Martinez’s Scholz Star is another pretty beautiful design for which he has generously shared the photo diagrams to. He has been on a roll in designing lately and each of his designs betters his previous. His backlit tessellation designs are also popular spelling out intricacy and sophistication as always.

3 Sample Deluxe Washi RED + BROWN + BLACK

Nicolas Terry has also got some new colors in his awesome Washi paper collection. These are the 3 Sample Deluxe Washi RED + BROWN + BLACK which is currently available in his online origami shop. The paper is truly magnificent and the foil backed surface on one side makes it easier to shape the models when folding. You can buy this pack of 3 sheets or packs of certain colors, too. Currently only Brown, Red and Black are available at the time of writing this post.

Folded by Himanshu Agrawal and designed by Richard Wang, these Origami Geckos are pretty cute and might I add, easy to fold, too. Himanshu has done a lovely job of using contrasting colors, shaping and photographing the models, which are of course, folded by him. If you look though the comments on this Flickr photo, you will see the link to the instructional video for these geckos. Have fun folding them!

Finally, this is one picture I simply had to share with you all. Folded by EyalR who is known for his complex folding and perfect renditions of complex work, these Grim Reapers are simply out of this world! He has used 2 kinds of paper to achieve the black cloak and white face combination and has shaped this model really well.

Grim Reapers

Links: Eric Joisel’s new book and Diagrams, amazing folds of masks and folding a Carambola Kusudama

For those of you who have been waiting ages for Monsieur Eric Joisel’s book, Japan Origami Society has finally released the cover and details of the contents on their site.

Eric Joisel, the magician of origami

Nicolas Terry’s Origami-Shop will also carry this book, which makes it a lot more accessible for us. You can take a look at the details of the book here – Eric Joisel, the magician of origami. The book has both English and Japanese languages in it, with 80 color pages and 140 pages in all.

You must be aware at this point that the book contains no diagrams, whatsoever. There are only Crease Patterns (CPs) to most of his fabulous work such as the Dwarf and Commedia Dell’arte characters (representing the 7 deadly sins). Also included in the book, is an interview with the Origami Master himself, ideas on folding 3D human models and much more.

Diagrams for some of Eric Joisel’s work:
For those of you who would like diagrams to his work (yes! There are diagrams released now!), please visit Monsieur Eric Joisels official website to access these. Diagrams to a mask, bottle, cat, fish, Aberdeen, hedgehog, penguin, rat, a little demon mask and the rooster are available for viewing and download.

3D Masks and busts:

Foldingtype has recently upload absolutely amazing shots of 3D masks folded by him. One particular design stands out almost immediately and he has captioned it as “Why the Long Face?“. His work is a treat to see and his folding always crisp and perfect.

Carambola flower Kusudama:
You might be aware that Sara Adams has recently posted a very helpful instructional video on folding a Carambola – which represents the inside cross-section of a star fruit. Leyla Torres of Origami Spirit fame has gone one step ahead and turned these pretty looking flowers into a Kusudama Ball of Carambola flowers. I must say her idea of using oil pastels to color the paper makes it look even better. She has posted an instructional video on creating this Carambola Kusudama on her site along with tips on folding the flowers.

Holiday Tradition – Annual Lighting of the Origami Holiday Tree:
Every year, for the past 30 years, the American Museum of Natural History (in New York) marks the start of the Christmas Holiday season with the lighting of its 13 foot Christmas tree decorated from top to bottom with none other than Origami models. The theme for this year is Discovery and featured Dinosaurs, dinosaur bones, a NASA space suit, various animals and much more. Folding started in July to complete the 500 models required for the tree; contributions from various members were also invited. The tree will be on display till January 2nd 2011.

The Fold – An Online Magazine by OrigamiUSA:
The first issue of OrigamiUSA’s online magazine – The Fold – has been published. It comprises of diagrams to Robert Lang’s Finch, Jason Ku’s Convertible, a guide on video recording by Sara Adams and much more. Access to the articles is open to all OrigamiUSA members and some of these are accessible to non-members / general public, too. There is clear mention of the access type for each of the articles. The editorial board welcomes contributions to the magazine and those interested can contact any of the editors for this purpose.