Origami Stars (Design by Enrica Dray)

Origami Star (Design by Enrica Dray)
Origami Star (Design by Enrica Dray)
Altar for Our Lady
Altar for Our Lady
Origami Star (Design by Enrica Dray)
Origami Star - Top View (Design by Enrica Dray)

I folded these stars recently for a small function at home, in Goa, India. I was looking for delicate stars or flowers to fold and place around the table or on the wall and found these pretty stars designed by Enrica Dray.

As for the function, there is a tradition in Goa where Our Lady ‘visits’ all houses in a parish and is kept at home for a day before going to the next house. This tradition has been going on for years. Family members pray the Holy Rosary 5 times during Her visit during the time She is at home and all neighbors, family members and friends come to visit and partake in the prayers. Its been many years since I attended this in Goa, so I was happy that I got a chance to do so when I was visiting family during my vacation.

Paper to use:
To make these stars, I used metallic paper which I managed to purchase in Goa itself. The proprietor of the store called it Silver Metallic paper with no other special name given to it. I bought these in large sized sheets and cut them down to decently sized 6 inch squares. You can also use contrasting wrapping paper which is not flimsy or Tant or even Kami, since the folding process does not have any intricate sinks or complicated folds.

One thing, however, you should know is that if you would like to make the ‘curls’ like the version shown on Go Origami, then you would need to select your paper carefully – i.e. the kind which will allow you to easily form these curls as well as keep them in place. Washi, Metallic Tissue paper or certain kinds of wrapping paper will be good in this case.

How to Fold Enrica Dray’s Stars:
Maria Sinaskaya of Go Origami has shared the links to the diagrams as well as photo diagrams of the assembly process. These I found were clear and very helpful when folding. Further, these stars can be folded by beginners who have a little bit of folding practice, too.

For each star you need 8 square sheets of paper, and you can buy these individually of a certain size, or buy larger sheets and cut them down to the size you would like to use.

When folded (I used 6 inch square sheets of paper), the size of the star is approximately 6.5 inches.

Hope you enjoy folding these stars.