Jack O’Lantern (Design by Edward Mistretta)


Jack O’Lantern (Design by Edward Mistretta)

In the spirit of Halloween, I folded this nice Jack O’Lantern designed by Edward Mistretta. He generously shared the diagram on his Instagram.  This design is easy to fold with no complex folding sequence involved. Having said that however, one should be precise with the pre-creases so that the model folds easily.

I prepared this paper by using Japanese Washi Paper measuring 4 inches in size and sticking a sheet of orange ombre colored tissue paper on the other side for the pumpkin colored duo effect.


The Ghost ‘La Fantasmita’ (Design by Manuel Sirgo)

The Ghost 'La Fantasmita' (Design by Manuel Sirgo)

Happy Halloween everybody! 🙂

Since it is that time of the year, I thought I’d fold something befitting the theme – so I chose this model by Manuel Sirgo. This origami ghost design is pretty simple to fold involving valley and mountain folds along with a few rabbit ear folds. There is a bit of shaping involved in the end, so you might want to try wet folding this design, too.

I did not attempt wet folding, but instead have just shaped the model with my (dry) fingers.

How to fold the model:

This model is surprisingly pretty simple and quick to fold. Consisting of 20 steps in all, you can refer to the diagrams which Manuel Sirgo has generously shared with everyone.

Paper to Use:

You can fold this model with almost any kind of paper since there are few folds and none which are complicated. I have used a solid white colored kami paper measuring approximately 6 inches in size. You can also shape the paper in the way you would like in order to give the ghost a more eerie and ‘floating’ look.

Have a spooky halloween and have fun!