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Icosahedron Sonobe (Design by Tomoko Fuse)

Icosahedron Sonobe

I’m back to folding this summer, and I started out with a modular design from our favorite – Tomoko Fuse. Her designs are always interesting and with the right color combinations in paper, one can fold pretty kusudama.

For this particular design, it takes about 3 hours to fold and assemble at moderate pace. The individual units themselves are quite easy to fold, so its a good model to fold for folders with a little experience in folding, too.

Paper to use:
I used regular Kami paper, each of the sheets measuring 3 inches in size. These were 30 square sheets in all and single side colored. One has to start with the white side down in order to have the white color appear in between like shown in the image accompanying this post.

How to Fold the Icosahedron Sonobe:
There are many instructional videos on youtube for this model and the one I referred to and found very helpful is Tadashimori’s Instructional video. His explanations are clear and steps shown are very simple to follow.

Hope you enjoy folding this model!

Braided Corona Star (Design by Maria Sinayskaya)

Braided Corona Star

Braided Corona Star (Design by Maria Sinayskaya)


I folded this braided star this weekend by following Sara Adams’ instructional video on her site. This is a pretty easy to fold design and you can fold it with almost any kind of paper available. Contrasting colors will make it look great and I chose a maroon and rose colored combination of Tant paper for my rendition.

Paper to Use:

You can use any kind of paper you have, contrasting colors are preferred. I have used 7.5 inch square sheets of Tant paper to fold this model and I used 8 sheets in all – 4 sheets of the Maroon color and 4 sheets of the rose colored paper. The braided star is quick to fold and one can easily interlock the various units, too.


How to fold Maria Sinayskaya’s Braided Corona Star:

Sara Adams has recorded a very good instructional on folding this pretty model. The directions are clear and she gives a clear perspective of the finished model vs. the size of the paper used. In her video, she has used 8 sheets of 3 in square Kami papers and the finished model is approx. 4 in in size.