Modular & Geometric

  This is a design which was published in Leyla Torres’ Origami Spirit a few days ago. I absolutely love the ‘petals’ of this box and the fact that I can use it to store tit bits and with Easter right round the corner – Chocolate Eggs! 😀 I have folded a container or box […]

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This Kusudama model is another popular one that you might have come across on Google and other Origami blogs. What you need: – 30 sheets (multi – colored) of origami paper. Wrapping paper can be used here, too. Size of the paper can be 6” to 8” – square shaped. – The sheets of paper […]


Kusudama Venus – Paper Ball

by Ancella on November 25, 2008

in Modular & Geometric

This model looks very dainty and intricate when you first look at it, but in reality, is very quick to fold! This floral kusudama is a popular sight on’s – Paper Ball Kusudama – as well as on many other Origami-related websites. I think almost everyone who is into Origami has tried this one […]

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I have tried a simple geometric model from Tomoko Fuse’s book – Kusudama Origami – and found out that these models require glue to put the model together. However, with this particular geometric Lantern Assembly, I have added a touch of creativity and included a “kite tail” to it, too. What you need: Around 7 […]


Electra! (Design by Dave Mitchell)

by Ancella on November 3, 2008

in Modular & Geometric

This imaginative kusudama, designed by Dave Mitchell, requires just paper and patience! One needs to use paper of a smaller size and I have seen that regular ‘Post It Note’ sizes are just perfect. One can use an array of colors to fold an Electra and ‘interlocking’ these to make a ‘globe’ is real easy […]

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