Heart-Flower box (Design by Carlos Aguilar)

Heart-Flower Box (Design by Carlos Aquilar)
Heart-Flower Box (Design by Carlos Aquilar)


This is a design which was published in Leyla Torres’ Origami Spirit a few days ago. I absolutely love the ‘petals’ of this box and the fact that I can use it to store tit bits and with Easter right round the corner – Chocolate Eggs! 😀

I have folded a container or box origami design after simply ages and that is only because I am not usually a fan of the four sided models. However, this particular design caught my eye and I simply had to get busy with it.

Paper to use:

I have used square duo-colored tant paper measuring 15 cms to fold this pretty container. However, in the instructional video you will see that Leyla Torres starts off with a slightly larger 18 cms square sheet of paper. I would recommend not using a square any smaller than 15 cms coz this would make the end model really small. A 15cms square sheet of paper results in a 4.5 inch sized end model / container.

You can choose between single side colored or duo-colored and experiment with other kinds of paper, too. Avoid really thin / filmsy paper such as tissue paper, as you need a slight thickness to the paper in order to have the ‘petals’ standing out as you see in the image above.


How to fold this model:

Leyla Torres has recorded a very good instructional video on her origami blog – OrigamiSpirit – and shared it with all her readers. She goes through each of the steps in a detailed manner and you will find the video very easy to follow.


Now, all I have to do is go get some fancy Chocolate Eggs for Easter and I am all set! 🙂

Origami Bouvardia box (Design by Tomoko Fuse)

Origami Bouvardia box (Design by Tomoko Fuse)
Origami Bouvardia box (Design by Tomoko Fuse)

This is the first time I tried my hands at folding an origami box. I decided to fold this for a friend of mine as a gift and thought that this was a pretty concept (and design, of course) to try out!

I referred to the book – Fabulous Origami Boxes (Tomoko Fuse) – for the design and instructions for this particular model. You can check out more details about this book as well as a review about it on the page – Book Reviews.

What you need:

For this particular model, I used construction paper (cut down to a 9” approx. square) thinking it will add to the ‘soft feeling’ of the design.

For the ‘lid’ – you need 4 square sheets of paper sized 7” to 9”. These can be of different color each, 2 sheets each of a different color or simply all of the same color.

For the ‘body’ – you need 4 more square sheets of paper the same size as used for the lid of the box. The folding is a lot easier than the folding of the lid sections and can be done in a matter of a few mins in total.

The beauty of Fuse’s origami box designs is that, once you get the hang of the basic folds required for a plain box, you can fold almost any decorative pattern for the lid, that too in various combinations. This particular model is taken from pages 51 to 55 from her book.

One must be aware though, that the decorative bouvardia, lily, hydrangea, crane or whatever else you choose, is ‘fixed’ or a part of the lid itself i.e. that section you are putting together to form the lid of the box. Hence, there is a limit to the kinds of patterns you are thinking of incorporating onto your box.