Origami Butterfly

I decided to give Robert J. Lang’s Butterfly, Opus 410 a try this weekend. It’s been some time since I folded any origami and I was in the mood for something on an intermediate level. The paper I chose was regular Kami since this was my very first fold of this model. Robert J. Lang’s […]


This is a design I folded a few days ago – H.T. Quyet’s pretty butterfly – out of Nicolas Terry’s Tissue foil backed with thin tissue paper for the duo-colored effect. It is an intermediate level design which has a few sinks involved in the folding process along with shaping the model at the end […]


My better half is practically a bookworm and much to my irritation will end up folding the pages within the book so that he remembers where he left it off. I hate this habit of his, which made me hunt for creative bookmarks for him to use. This is an incredibly pretty bookmark and is […]


This design is from the book – Advanced Origami: An Artist’s Guide to Performances in Paper, by Michael LaFosse. He is known for his pretty butterflies and this particular one, I think, is his best design, in my opinion. 🙂 What paper to use: You can use just about any kind of paper for this […]


This is yet another butterfly design from Michael LaFosse’s origami book – Origami Butterflies. This book has 15 models to choose from and also included in it, is a section about the system designed for these butterflies, which can also be used to create one’s own designs. There is a very good book review on […]

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