Heart-Flower box (Design by Carlos Aguilar)

Heart-Flower Box (Design by Carlos Aquilar)
Heart-Flower Box (Design by Carlos Aquilar)


This is a design which was published in Leyla Torres’ Origami Spirit a few days ago. I absolutely love the ‘petals’ of this box and the fact that I can use it to store tit bits and with Easter right round the corner – Chocolate Eggs! 😀

I have folded a container or box origami design after simply ages and that is only because I am not usually a fan of the four sided models. However, this particular design caught my eye and I simply had to get busy with it.

Paper to use:

I have used square duo-colored tant paper measuring 15 cms to fold this pretty container. However, in the instructional video you will see that Leyla Torres starts off with a slightly larger 18 cms square sheet of paper. I would recommend not using a square any smaller than 15 cms coz this would make the end model really small. A 15cms square sheet of paper results in a 4.5 inch sized end model / container.

You can choose between single side colored or duo-colored and experiment with other kinds of paper, too. Avoid really thin / filmsy paper such as tissue paper, as you need a slight thickness to the paper in order to have the ‘petals’ standing out as you see in the image above.


How to fold this model:

Leyla Torres has recorded a very good instructional video on her origami blog – OrigamiSpirit – and shared it with all her readers. She goes through each of the steps in a detailed manner and you will find the video very easy to follow.


Now, all I have to do is go get some fancy Chocolate Eggs for Easter and I am all set! 🙂